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Current research interests include international and intercultural education, global citizenship, educational/knowledge sociology and cultural representation (particularly relating to Scotland and the UK). My empirical research is inspired by grounded theory, aiming to build new theory from knowledge obtained through qualitative methods.  I have published on topics such as language politics & practice, intercultural encounters in the international classroom, academic socialisation and curricular contexts, all of which provide foundational knowledge for my forthcoming monograph on 'Teaching practices in an global learning environment' (Routledge 2020). 

I teach courses in intercultural communication, Cultural Studies, and British civics in the programmes of English and International Business Communication (SIV), Language and International Studies (LISE) and 'Kulturforståelse'. I supervise BA and MA theses on topics such as internationalisation, intercultural communication, organisation studies and cultural representation. In addition, I have developed and am the present coordinator of the extracurricular 'Global Graduate' programme. 

My outreach activities include appearances in Danish media (on all things Scottish), guest lectures on international education for colleagues, students and other stakeholders in secondary and higher education, projects furthering Diversity & Inclusion in Danish and international scouting, and participation in national debates on Modern Languages, Humanities and International Education. 

Ekspertise relateret til FN’s Verdensmål

I 2015 blev FN's medlemslande enige om 17 Verdensmål til at bekæmpe fattigdom, beskytte planeten og sikre velstand for alle. Denne persons arbejde bidrager til følgende verdensmål:

  • Verdensmål 4 - Kvalitetsuddannelse
  • Verdensmål 10 - Mindre ulighed
  • Verdensmål 16 - Fred, retfærdighed og stærke institutioner
  • Verdensmål 17 - Partnerskaber for handling

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Scottish Studies, Glasgow University, PhD, Writing the nation: Four interwar visions of Scotland

31 okt. 1997dec. 2000

Dimissionsdato: 5 jul. 2001

European Ethnology and English, Cand. mag., University of Copenhagen

sep. 1996jun. 1997

Dimissionsdato: 30 jun. 1997

English, Cand. Phil. , Odense Universitet


Dimissionsdato: 31 okt. 1996

Scottish Studies, MPhil, University of Glasgow

okt. 1994sep. 1995

Dimissionsdato: 2 dec. 1995

Eksterne ansættelser

Associate professor, Aarhus University

jan. 2008jul. 2013

Assistant professor, Aarhus University

jan. 2005dec. 2007


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