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I am currently a Ph.D. student at Aalborg University with a shared employment at the Department of Health Science and Technology and the Institute for Advanced Study in PBL (IAS). My background for entering this position was an evolving curiosity in exploring the combination of my experience and competences from the field of clinical education at Aalborg University Hospital with my master degree in Clinical Science and Technology (2016).

My most recent position (sep 2017-sep 2023) was as a clinical educator for physiotherapy students at Aalborg University Hospital in periods varying from 7-10 weeks from varying semesters. The students worked under my supervision with acutely ill patients at the medical and oncological wards. Observing group dynamics, individual development and supporting the students in learning has increased my curiosity about how best to use the available time at the clinical placements. During the last 6 years I have tried different ways of constructing a learning environment where the students would be able to develop their clinical competencies. I have tested different didactic approaches and learning situations. These different approaches have been inspired by an unsystematic reading of scientific papers on the topic. In the beginning I mostly found my way by using a “gut feeling” where I merged what I found in the literature with my own experiences and adopted it to the context. Later I took a course “Clinical Supervision in Healthcare Professional Education” (10 ECTS points) which helped me transform into a more theory-guided approach. Ultimately, these years of being curious about learning and working with students has created a desire to approach this field with a research perspective. 

My Ph.D. project will focus on facilitating collaborative competencies among medical students by the use of technology.

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Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Kandidat i Klinisk Videnskab og Teknologi, Kandidatuddannelse, Unsupervised progressive elastic band exercises for frail geriatric inpatients objectively monitored by new exercise-integrated technology-a feasibility trial with an embedded qualitative study

1 sep. 201425 jun. 2016

Dimissionsdato: 25 jun. 2016

Fysioterapi, Proffesionsbachelor, Patellofemorale smerter, VIA University College

15 aug. 200620 jan. 2010

Dimissionsdato: 20 jan. 2010


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