Mohammad Bakhtiar Rana

Associate Professor of International Business and Strategy, PhD in International Management and Strategy, Member of the Study Board, Aalborg University Business School

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I am an Associate Professor of International Business and Strategy at Aalborg University Business School, Denmark. 

I studied the European multinational enterprises strategies’ in emerging economies, particularly Bangladesh, and it was the first study of its kind on Bangladeshi institutions and business systems. Using institutionalism perspective, I investigated how multinational subsidiaries legitimized their behaviour in Bangladeshi business systems, and what roles did national institutions, civil society actors, and transnational communities play in the process of internationalization, legitimation and sustainability.

In short, the key focus of my research is on sustainable strategic management in international business with special emphasis on emerging markets.

However, three themes can well describe my research areas: 1) Multinational Corporations’ strategies in relation to internationalization, capabilities, legitimation, and sustainable management in emerging markets. 2) Business modelling including sustainability-driven business modelling and it’s impacts on and relationship with global value chain, climate change, circular economy, and capability development. 3) Firm's innovation, technology adoption, and digital strategies (Artificial intelligence & Modular Innovation) that focus on value creation and legitimation for sustainable adaptation and growth.

Despite multiple research areas to which I work, the core concentration of my research is on the cross-border management and multinationals strategies using institutional and business systems perspectives with an aim to understand the strategic choices, antecedents, and mechanisms affecting sustainable strategic management of local and multinational firms in emerging markets. 

In relation to research and consulting, I have worked on and investigated a number of large multinational corporations such as Novo Nordisk, Arla, Glaxo Smith Clyne (GSK), Nestle, Telenor (Grameenphone), Tesla, iRobot Romba, and been currently working on H&M, Bestseller, Oticon, & Kube Data. In addition, I researched on Bangladeshi multinational corporations too such as Walton Electronics, DBL Apparel Company, Micro Fibre Apparel Group, GMS Apparel Group, ABA Apparel Group, and Interstoff Apparel Limited. I primarily use qualitative method including case studies, qualitative data analysis techniques and comparative case analysis; however I am interested to work with panel data and quantitative techniques.

Currently I am co-editing a book on 'Upgrading the Global Garment Industry: Internationalisation, Capabilities, and Sustainability', to be published by Edward Elgar, UK; which is going to be the first book of its kind that focused on Global Garments Industry from the perspective of three under-focused areas. We bring this industry into the light that has been ignored for long, but that has affected the international business of many emerging economies, and had influenced the history of international business of many western countries at some point in time.

My research articles have appeared in leading academic journals such as Global Strategy Journal, Technovation, International Business Review, Journal of International Management, Advances in International Management, and so forth.

I personally enjoy travelling, reading books, watching movies and training karate.

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

International Management and Strategy, PhD

… → 2014

Dimissionsdato: 1 jun. 2014

Specialization in International Marketing, MSc-IB, University of Groningen

… → 2005

Dimissionsdato: 1 jan. 2005

International Business , MSc, University of Stirling

… → 2004

Dimissionsdato: 1 jan. 2005

Marketing, MBA, The University of Rajshahi


Dimissionsdato: 31 dec. 1996

Marketing, BBS (Honours), The University of Rajshahi


Dimissionsdato: 31 dec. 1994


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