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The study of change tackles the essence of the modern condition. Though managers still crave stability, change is the norm and stability is already part of the past. Nothing is certain, everything is shifting. As a result, there is a slow paradigm shift from the study of organizations to the study of organizing, from the study of nouns to the study of verbs, from the study of entities to the study of processes, from structures to emergence. In the past, we would view change as a characteristic of an individual, organization, or society. Now the idea that an individual or an organization is nothing more than an instance in the everlasting change process could cross our minds.

Narratives offer us the best way to understand change. Narratives and communication constitute organizations. They can take the form of sensemaking, rhetoric, or various forms of legitimations. Thus, we could fathom what is happening deep inside the process of organizing, getting a glimpse of the latent patterns of organizational behavior.

My research is part of the Legitimation of Newness consortium. LNETN is the first European Training Network project that combines newness, legitimation, and theory building to address the need for training of a new generation of Early Stage Researchers in an inter-disciplinary, inter-sectorial, inter-technology, and international way, who develop transferable knowledge, skills, a broad vision, and intellectual autonomy. It is implemented by 4 beneficiaries (Aalborg University, Halmstad University, Glasgow University, and the University of Oulu), and 10 partners, including Nokia, New Factory, SoftIron, and University of Rhode Island.

At the personal level, I enjoy developing my critical thinking, thus I analyze in-depth what other people are saying, especially if they come from a position of authority, procedures, or promoting an idea. Whenever I have the occasion, I get myself involved in debating, because it develops sharpness of the mind, and the ability to take positions that are contrary to my own intellectual preferences. I am also an avid runner and a meditator - for instance, in Lumbini, I meditated in silence from 4 am to 10 pm for 15 weeks.

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Management and Organizations and Sociology, MS, Northwestern University

Organizational and Economic Psychology, Masters, University of Bucharest


  • Ledelse og Organisation
  • Diskursanalyse
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