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Digital transfomations are changing the traditional landscape of sales within sales prganizations. A key aspect central to the digital transformations are the AI based technological tools such as chatbots, machine learning and natural language pocessing. Although the future of AI is promising for  sales organizations, optimization of AI is still in the infancy stages, mainly due to the sceptism surrounding the new technology. Furthemore, ability of AI in decision making has lead businesses to doubt its transparency. One of the industries that are heavily investing in AI  is the banking industry. However, having traditional legacy infrastuctues and preassured by regulative legislations banks are facing enormous challengers in managing expectations of AI internally and externally. Hence, in my research I focus on understanding the ways in which AI is perceived internally by banking employees and externally by banking customers interms of realizing opportunities and threats they forsee in this new disruptive technology. Thereby to provide insights to the management of banking industy on the ways in which the traditional role of a banking employee and the expectations of banking customers are changing due to AI implimentaions. Also, to highlight the potential areas that the management of banks need to focus on while optimizing AI in banking. 

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

International Business Communication in Corporate Communication, Masters Degree, Employer Branding in the Cleaning Industry, Aarhus University

3 sep. 201825 jun. 2020

Dimissionsdato: 25 jun. 2020

Marketing Management & Communication, Bachelors Degree, Aarhus University

5 sep. 201530 jun. 2018

Dimissionsdato: 30 jun. 2018

Marketing, Professional Diploma in Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing

1 jun. 200714 dec. 2009

Dimissionsdato: 10 feb. 2010


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