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Personlig profil


I am interested in the assessment, diagnosis and management of chronic pain.

In particular, I focus on the mechanisms of action and potential use of different neuromodulation approaches to relieve neurological symptoms such as pain. Areas of interest, neuropathic pain, musculoskeletal pain, Parkinson disease, pain after stroke, fibromyalgia.


Didactic phylosophy 

I believe learning is a personal experience that is boosted by interaction with peers and mentors. I believe each individual must explore their preferred learning methods for each subject and employ them to find the perfect balance between theoretical and practical knowledge.

Teaching is a mean to learn. Learning is a mean to understand and to create. I believe a mentor´s role is to facilitate every student quest for their personal delineation of what they need to lean, and how. More important than “know-how” is “know-what” (... to do with your knowledge) and “know-why”.  Understanding each problem, its shape, size, and colors is the foundation to discover what knowledge are needed to solve it.

To achieve this, I work routinely with definition of explicit learning goals, alignment of mutual expectations and transparence.

Administrativ profil

2023- present European Research Council Consolidator Horizon Europe Consolidator grant PersoNINpain # 101087925.

2021- present Project coordinator of Novo Nordisk Grant NNF21OC0072828,


Head of the Pain Center, University of Sao Paulo (in and outpatient clinic, education for students, residents and post graduate courses)


Head of the Pain research group (Pain Center, University of Sao Paulo)


Coordinated of the lab Interventional Neuroscience, discipline of neurosurgery, University of Sao Paulo

Ekspertise relateret til FN’s Verdensmål

I 2015 blev FN's medlemslande enige om 17 Verdensmål til at bekæmpe fattigdom, beskytte planeten og sikre velstand for alle. Denne persons arbejde bidrager til følgende verdensmål:

  • Verdensmål 3 - Sundhed og trivsel
  • Verdensmål 4 - Kvalitetsuddannelse

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Clinical Neurology, Professorship Diploma (analogous to higher doctorate), Contribution of Non Invasive Neuromodulation for this study of pain, Universidade de São Paulo

Dimissionsdato: 21 jan. 2013

Residency in Clinical Neurology (licence in Brazil and Portugal/EU)

2006 → …

Medicine (licence in Brazil and Portugal/EU), MD, PhD

18 dec. 2002 → …

Education, PROFESSIONAL PEDAGOGICAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING 2003 Advances cardiac life support: Teaching adults 2018: Problem and Team-based learning – Pain Center USP 2023 University pedagogics for lecturers, Aalborg University (Oct 2001 – Feb 2003)

Eksterne ansættelser

Collaborator Professor , Universidade de São Paulo

dec. 2021 → …

Professor Supervisor of the Post Graduation (Masters and PhD) ProgramPhD), Universidade de São Paulo

2013 → …


  • Medicin
  • Neurology
  • Neuroscience
  • Pain
  • Neuromodulation
  • Parkinson disease
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Musculoskeletal pain


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