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PhD fellow with a long industry experience in sales and communications. 

Rikke has a dual role. While working on her PhD, she is on leave from her position as an assistant professor at the University College of Northern Denmark, where she teaches sales and communications. Both UCN and AAU fund her PhD in a joint program. 

Rikke's research interest was triggered by her sales lesson, where she asked herself: "How can I contribute to educating future B2B salespeople in the rapidly changing landscape of sales and marketing?" The role of B2B salespeople is changing due to the transformation in sales and sales technologies and the shift of power in the customer-sales relationship. The role of the salesperson enhances as the many activities and responsibilities increase. The required skills of salespeople are changing, and salespeople are subject to possible job overload and stress. So, where will all the changes leave sales organisations and salespeople? 


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