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My research revolves around cancer immunotherapy in pre-clinical mouse tumor models, with focus on utilizing dendritic cells for therapy. My research is divided into two arms, one related to STING-targeted therapy and another related to therapeutic cancer vaccines.

STING has proven to be an interesting target for immunotherapy, especially as combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI). My current aim is to use cholesterol interfering drugs, to prime the STING-pathway, thus making it more susceptible to stimulation during immunotherapy. In addition, I investigate the possible use of caspase-inhibition, as a mean to activate or prime the STING-pathway.

Cancer vaccines holds the potential to aid antigen-presentation and T cell activation during ICI treatment. We have generated a small recombinant protein vaccine, capable of maturing dendritic cells, thereby inducing activation of tumor-specific T cells. The vaccine carries a nucleotide adjuvant capable of activating dendritic cells through the cGAS/STING-pathway or the TLR3-pathway.

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