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2021   Yao, G.; Miao, J. Service Value Co-Creation in Digital Platform Business: A Case of Xianyu Idle Trading Platform. Sustainability. 2021, 13, 11296. su132011296.

2021 Zhang, Y.; Zhao, H.; Hu, Y.; Yao, G*. Smart Community Service Brand Functional Value and Sustainable Brand Relationship—The Mediating Role of Customer Emotional Cognition. Sustainability, 2021, 13, 1833.

2021  Zhang, Y.; Zhao, H.;Yao, G. Research on the Driving Factors of Service Brand Value of Smart Communities Based on WSR System Methodology. 2021, 33(05): 174-183., Management Review. (in Chinese)

2021 Feng Zhang, Yi Huang, Ge Yao, Xiongkai Tan. Innovation of Market Competitiveness Enhancement Model of F-M-C-G Enterprises-A Case Study of Tsingtao Beer from the Perspective of Dynamic Capability. Accepted, Management Review. (in Chinese) 

2022 KeWei, Yan.; Ge Yao.; Hong Zhao.; Fan Luo.  The Impact of Live Streaming Experience on Brand Communication——Mediating Effect Based on Online Word-of-mouth and Consumer Engagement. Modernization of Management. 2022(02):72-80. (in Chinese)

2022 Fan Luo.; Ge Yao.; Hong Zhao.; KeWei, Yan. Research on the value co-creation of short videos of user participation in helping farmers and poverty alleviation in the context of mobile marketing. Science & Technology for Development, accepted. (in Chinese)

2021  Ge Yao. Enterprise management theory and practice (2nd Ed.) - chapter 11 Enterprise Financial Management.  



2022.09  Yiwu seminar on  “Contemporary Theory of Innovation and Innovation Management” course of SDC Innovation Management Program;

2022.07  Yiwu seminar on “Business and Innovation in China” of Nordic Centre Summer Course in Gothenburg, Sweden/Shanghai, China

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Innovation Management, Master, MSc in Innovation Management, Double-degree, Aalborg University and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (中国科学院大学), Beijing

1 sep. 20171 okt. 2019

Dimissionsdato: 1 okt. 2019

Business and Management, PhD student

1 feb. 2021 → …

Management Science and Engineering, PhD student, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

1 sep. 2017 → …


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