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The Radiology Research Center is a leading research center within imaging-based biomarkers. The mission is to develop and apply imaging-based biomarkers for detection of early disease, improved disease classification, optimized monitoring of disease progression, predicting and assessing response to new treatments. The core research areas are especially within magnetic resonance imaging, applying novel imaging acquisition techniques and advanced image analyses, aiming towards clinical implementation to improve diagnosis and treatment outcome. Special focus areas are currently advanced brain imaging for the exploration of neuropathy, neuroplasticity and chronic pain, also in combination with testing of new non-invasive treatments such as neuromodulation, visceral organs such as the pancreas with assessment of inflammation, fibrosis and fatty infiltration, gastrointestinal function and motility, etc. By providing imaging-based biomarkers, the center is supporting several research projects within our well-established network at the hospital, university, nationally and internationally.

Radiology Research Center consists of interdisciplinary research hosting a variety of professions including radiology, radiography, biomedical engineering and translational medicine. Here, you can get notified on our current research, resent publications, staff employment and new collaboration projects.



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