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Louise is associate professor, head of education and staff manager for Ph.D. fellows at AAU Business School.

Louise works with a theoretical focus on the interplay between strategy, organizational development and business models. In this intersection, she has a special focus on collaboration and collaborative business models between organizations. In addition, she specializes within the application of critical realism as a philosophy of science for studying organizations.

Her Ph.D.-studies at the Department of Business and Management, Aalborg University, were co-funded by The Port of Aalborg. Her thesis was based on a longitudinal process study to explore how business model innovation can unfold in port authorities and between port industry actors. For this reason, the development of the maritime and port industry remains a special area of interest for Louise.

Methodologically, Louise works as an engaged scholar balancing research activities both within and between organizations. This research practice underlines her focus on interacting with both private and public actors in North Jutland and Denmark in general. This methodological point of departure is also immanent in her research strategy and a part of her overall research dissemination to create social impact. 

Her research has been published in Journal of Critical Realism, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Research in Transportation Business and Management, Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development, Journal of Business Models and World Review of Intermodal Transportation.

From 2018-2022 Louise is a part of the talent programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Louise teaches strategy, business models, philosophy of science and qualitative research methods at bachelor, master and MBA level.

She is a part of the research group SOM (Strategy, Organization and Management) as well as Strategic Management Lab


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