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For several decades, my research interests have encompassed international business, international marketing, international management, as well as business education and curricula improvement. I have conducted extensive research worldwide, on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond including, but not limited to countries such as Denmark, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, the USA, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Portugal, China, and Spain. My research incorporates challenges of business internationalisation, multinational corporations, business development, business policy and strategy, and research in curricula development. I have organised, co-ordinated and participated in many multi-institutional research projects across national borders and continents funded by various integrative international and national grant awarding bodies such as the European Commission, regional foundations, national governments, and intuitions.

Based on my research expertise, I have served as adviser to national governments in countries comprising Brazil, Pakistan, and the Sultanate of Oman, governmental institutions, academic bodies, and firms for a huge variety of issues as development of international strategies, approaches towards privatisation of businesses, and reorganisation of business education on regional and national level among numerous other topics.  

As a follow up of my research, thus far, I have published nineteen books with several world renowned publishers such as Palgrave Macmillan, Taylor & Francis Group, and John Wiley & Sons on the research findings in the fields of international business, international marketing, international management, foreign market strategies in various contexts; numerous book chapters and more than ninety articles in renowned refereed academic journals, including European Journal of Marketing, International Marketing Review, Advances in International Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management. As a recognition of my research achievements, for a number of years I have been Series Editor of book series with the world leading publishers of Taylor & Francis and Palgrave Macmillan.


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