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Nelson’s academic domain is the International Law of the Sea, focusing on environmental rules and standards applicable to the maritime transport sector. He is interested in studying interactions between sovereign states, global and regional geopolitical conflicts and questions of territoriality, boundaries and space in the ocean. His postdoctoral experience led him to also become a policy and governance arrangement analyst. In research projects he is usually the lawyer in a team of marine scientists and naval engineers, providing insights on jurisdiction.


PBL: problem analysis / research methodology / sustainability science / theory of science / ethical assessment (the case of Deep Seabed Mining)

GEO5: International regulation of marine resources (the case of Marine Genetic Resources in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction)
GEO5: European Union policy on marine resources (the case of Maritime Spatial Planning in Denmark

GEO6: Geopolitics & Geostrategy (foundations; critique; contemporary)

EMSS2: The role of international law in sustainable natural resource management for development
EMSS2: Human-wildlife conflict and coexistence (the case of Denmark's approach to regulating the seal-fishery conflict in the Baltic Sea

UEEP: The socio-technical context of planning (power; institutions; governance; law)

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Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Universitetspædagogikum, AAU Learning Lab

jan. 2021dec. 2021

Dimissionsdato: 31 jan. 2022

Public International Law, Doctor of Laws (PhD), Utrecht University

jan. 2014jan. 2018

Dimissionsdato: 12 feb. 2019

Public Law, Master of Laws (LLM), International Law / EU Law / Environmental Law / Energy Law / Industrial Property Law, University of Coimbra

sep. 2010okt. 2012

Dimissionsdato: 17 jan. 2013

International Politics and Conflict Resolution, Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip), University of Coimbra

sep. 2012jul. 2013

International Relations, Bachelor of Arts (BA), University of Coimbra

nov. 2009jun. 2012

Law, Bachelor of Laws (LLB), University of Coimbra

sep. 2005jul. 2010

Law, Certificat Supérieur de Droit Français et Européen (ERASMUS/LLP), Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas

sep. 2008jul. 2009


  • Jura
  • Deep-seabed minerals
  • Ship-source pollution
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Marine mammals
  • Sea ports


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