Best Demo Award, IEEE PerCom 2018

  • Shu, Jiayu (Modtager), Kosta, Sokol (Modtager), Zheng, Rui (Modtager) & Hui, Pan (Modtager)

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Demo - Talk2Me: A Framework for Device–to–Device Augmented Reality Social Network

In this demo, we present Talk2Me, an augmented reality social network framework that enables users to disseminate information in a distributed way and view others’ information instantly. Talk2Me advertises users’ messages, together with their face–signatures, to every nearby device in a Device–to–Device fashion. When a user looks at nearby persons through her camera–enabled wearable devices (e.g., Google Glass), the frame- work automatically extracts the face–signature of the person of interest, compares it with the previously captured signatures, and presents the information shared by this person to the user. We design a lightweight and yet accurate face recognition algorithm, together with an efficient distributed dissemination protocol. We integrate their implementations in an Android prototype.
Grad af anerkendelseInternational
Tildelende organisationerIEEE

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BegivenhedstitelIEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications
Sted, Athens, GrækenlandVis på kort
Periode19 mar. 2018 → 23 mar. 2018