Best Paper Award 2019 by Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems

  • Nielsen, Linda (Modtager), Glavind, Sebastian Tølbøll (Modtager), Qin, Jianjun (Modtager) & Faber, Michael Havbro (Modtager)

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Best Paper Award winner for 2019 as chosen by the journal’s editors.

The paper addresses the relevant problem of how we make decisions when the information relied upon could be in error or even ‘fake news’. It shows how we can build a set of scenarios to span the range of decision trees needed, and then use value of information methods to identify ways to reduce overall uncertainty. It includes a historical, cultural, and philosophical analysis of truth, reality, and perception in terms of how they relate to the problem. The paper follows the path followed by the journal’s editors since 1983 to advance systems thinking and systems techniques. It has strong links to the past while presenting fresh insights with long-lasting value.
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