Best Papers Award (DAFx20in21)

  • Willemsen, Silvin (Modtager), Bilbao, Stefan (Modtager), Ducceschi, Michele (Modtager) & Serafin, Stefania (Modtager)

Pris: Konferencepriser


This prize was awarded to two papers in combination: "Dynamic Grids for Finite-Difference schemes in Musical Instrument Simulations" and "A Physical Model of the Trombone using Dynamic Grids for Finite-Difference Schemes"
Grad af anerkendelseInternational

Tildelt ved begivenhed

Begivenhedstitel24th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects
StedUniversity of Vienna (virtual), Vienna, ØstrigVis på kort
Periode8 sep. 2021 → 10 sep. 2021