Educational Review Article of the Year Award 2019

Pris: Forsknings- uddannelses og innovationspriser


Educational Review’s publisher, Routledge, awards a prize of £500 to the author(s) of an article judged to be the most outstanding peer-reviewed paper published in the journal during the previous year.

Judged by members of the Editorial Board, the Article of the Year award is given on the basis of the following criteria:

Ability to communicate original insights regarding the analysis of educational policy and/or, provision, processes, practice and experience - broadly defined to cover a wide range of educational and cultural institutions - with exceptional clarity;

Potential for challenging and/or changing a range of education fields and/or perspectives, that is, the way that education researchers conceive a problem and offer scholarly analyses;

Potential for making an original and lasting contribution to debate on social justice and critical enquiry in education and/or innovative new theoretical and methodological scholarship in the field of education and educational research.

Intended to recognise outstanding achievements in scholarly work, this award brings with it additional promotional/engagement opportunities.
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