EMTC award 2019

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We congratulate Dr Hanne Mette Ridder with the EMTC award for 2019!

Hanne Mette Ridder is professor of music therapy at Aalborg University. She is also the head of the international school of research at the same campus.

Her area of research is wide. She is involved in many research projects, both qualitative and quantitative, in the fields of dementia, gerontology, neuro-cognitive disorders, music therapy theory, voice and singing, improvisation and creative expressions and the use of psycho-social methods in dementia care. She has a wide range of publications, and her contribution of research articles in the field of dementia care can not be valued high enough.

Hanne Mette Ridder gives talks and presentations world wide, and is one of the most renowned and acknowledged researchers and teachers in her field. Her teaching skills lead to the prize “Teacher of the Year 2012” at the Aalborg Humanistic Faculty. Her enthusiasm and engagement for teaching music therapy were the key characteristics that made the students award her this prize.

Hanne Mette Ridder served as president for the EMTC for 6 years. In addition to her teaching and researching world wide, it is her leadership style and her inclusive personality that lifts and supports both clients, students, fellow music therapists and researchers, that makes her the perfect candidate for the EMTC award. She is the personification and the image of what EMTC stands for: active work to promote the further development of professional practice in Europe, fostering exchange and collaboration, nurturing mutual respect, understanding and exchange between music therapists.
Grad af anerkendelseInternational
Tildelende organisationerEuropean Music Therapy Confederation AISBL

Tildelt ved begivenhed

BegivenhedstitelEuropean Music Therapy Conference
LocationMusikkens Hus, Musikkens Plads 1, Aalborg, Danmark
Periode26 jun. 2019 → 30 jun. 2019