Nordisk Vejforbunds asfaltsforskningspris 2004

Pris: Forsknings- uddannelses og innovationspriser


The Road Surface Committee of the Nordic Road Association has since 1994 granted the
Research and Development Award. Researchers are selected from each Nordic country to
present their research and development projects at the annual meeting of the Road Surface
Committee. After the presentations committee members vote for each project and presentation
and one of the researchers receives the Research and Development Award in the asphalt
industry. Each country cannot vote for their representative.

This procedure has contributed greatly to raising the standard of research and development
presentations at the Asphalt Committee’s meetings, which was indeed the intention when the
award was first introduced at the 1994 meeting in Tällberg. The procedure has also given
young researchers the opportunity to present their research projects and compete for an award.
In this way the gap between generations diminishes and the interest of the younger generation
for the Asphalt Committee’s work is increased, as well as for the activity within the Nordic
Road Association in general.

Asfaltutskottets forsknings- och utvecklingspris 2004
Efter omröstning bland medlemmarna i förbundsutskottet utsågs Harpa Birgisdóttir, Island, som tävlade för Danmark till 2004 års mottagare av Beläggningsutskottets forsknings- och utvecklingspris.
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