3Os and IP awareness raising for collaborative ecosystems



ZOOOM aims to raise awareness on the importance of IP generation and management in collaborative innovation ecosystems which
rely on three key assets, software, hardware and data. Open software, hardware and data are essential for a sustainable, trustworthy
and sovereign industrial ecosystem. However, lack of competences in matching business models with appropriate licensing
frameworks prevents unlocking the full potential of emerging technologies.
ZOOOM departs from the concept that achieving strategic autonomy and technological sovereignty is possible through a sound
understanding of what open licensing strategies are the best match for specific business models. This includes knowing when and to
what degree it makes sense to stay open, and when going proprietary is the best strategy.
The project aims to reach three core target groups actors in innovation ecosystems: knowledge generators, innovation support
organizations and key stakeholders. Knowledge generators will benefit from tools for learning and supporting everyday
development, increase competences on open licensing strategies for IP management, disseminate the concept and facilitate the
application of IP management by identifying and suggesting viable business models enabled by open licensing strategies.
Supporting organizations will get tools for internal training, support material to empower their clients, identify formats or services
able to increase the reach of the IP management concepts and a database of cases analysed under the lens of open licencing and
business development. Key stakeholders will benefit from a white book suggesting an integrated EU approach to open licensing of
software, hardware and data as intertwined components of the innovation policy. This will set the basis for further research on the
role of open licensing from a joint legal and business perspective, and guide the implementation of IP management and valorization
in collaborative development platforms.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/202230/09/2024


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