A comparative analysis of education policies targeting the health and wellbeing of refugee students in the Nordic countries

  • Vitus, Kathrine (PI (principal investigator))
  • Mock-Muñoz de Luna, Claire (CoI (co-investigator))
  • Pastoor, Lutine de Wall (Projektdeltager)


This research will focus on education policies in the Scandinavian context, by comparing to what extent and how education policies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden address the health and wellbeing of young refugees in schools, as a strategy for tackling the social determinants of health.

The study reframes poor educational outcomes in migrant students as a public health issue, which is an area of research, practice, and policy that has received little attention until now, and is a promising field for intervention. Secondly, the study's approach focuses on the issue of ‘upstream’ causes of the social determinants of health, which will shed light on how certain policy areas are related to different aspects of the life trajectories of young refugees in Scandinavia, and whether and how these policies promote a more equitable distribution of the social determinants of health.

Empirical material will involve the collection of relevant policy documents in all three countries. Based on an initial analysis of the policy documents, a comparative case study will be conducted to better understand how policies on the health and wellbeing of vulnerable students such as refugees are implemented in practice, at the municipal and school level in all three countries. The case study will be based on individual semi-structured interviews conducted at relevant municipal authorities and schools in areas of high migrant density in all three countries.
Kort titelCAGE - coming of Age in Excile
Effektiv start/slut dato01/07/201531/12/2019


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