A Dynamic Model of the Indoor Channel

  • Andersen, Jørgen Bach (Projektdeltager)



The paper [Nielsen, Afanassiev, Andersen, 2001] proposes a new approach to modelling the radio channel experienced by transceivers moving in an indoor environment. For modelling the time-varying impulse response a randomly time-varying power-delay profile (PDP) is used, which enables the use of PDP specific to local environments while widely different environments still can be included in the model. The PDP is expanded in terms of so-called cluster functions modelling ray scattering on major physical objects in the environment. By using random weighting of the cluster functions, transceiver movements in some imaginary environment are modelled. In addition to the new model, the paper also presents results obtained from measurements of the indoor channel. A good agreement is found between measurement and model data, and thus the concepts applied in the new model seem to be useful in practice. (Jesper Ødum Nielsen, Valentine Afanassiev, Jørgen Bach Andersen)
Effektiv start/slut dato31/12/200131/12/2001