A Multidisciplinary Approach to Curriculum Development in Sustainable Built Environment



The aim of this project is through a multilateral network between 4 universities in Europe (Denmark and UK ) and in Asia (China and India ) to develop a new multidisciplinary master course in the field of sustainable built environment. The development of the course will make use of innovative educational tools and pedagogical methods . T he developed teaching modules shall combine presence, distance and multimedia learning. The main activities within the 3 year project are the joint development and testing of course material (written, interactive) and their application for students of architectural, environmental, civil and mechanical engineering at the partner institutions. When complete, t wo intensive one-week workshops will be arranged for training of professors from universities in developing countries in Asia. The Asian partners will serve as a hub for distributing the course material to institutions of higher education and professional organizations in Asia. Joint workshops will be held to improve direct co-operation among partners . The Project is funded through the EU ASIA-LINK programme. Besides Aalborg University the following three universities participate: Brunel University, UK; Hunan University, Hunan, China and Bharati Vidyapeeth ?s Deemed University, India
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200531/12/2007


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