A Pilot study: Investigating the feasibility of using a RCT design to study the effect of music therapy in psychiatry with people suffering from personality disorders



Background: RCT studies within the music therapy treatment of patients with personality disorder are non excisting. In order to investigate music therapy with this population and perhaps document impressions from many years of clinical practice showing a positive out come for many patients, this pilot study was conducted. The pilot focused on music therapy treatment inspired by Dynamic Oriented Music Psychotherapy and Mentalization Based Treatment.
Objective: To investigate the feasibility of a newly developed treatment manual – Process Oriented Music Therapy (PROMT), of outcome variables, reserach design, and to prepare for a RCT study. A special focus on investigating possible changes in the patients attachment style.
Methods: Four patients assessed and diagnosed with personality disorder recieved 40 sessions of individual music therapy. Pre and post measure of outcome variables were conducted by a neutral research assistant. Two male music therapists conducted the therapy.
Results: All four participants completed the treatment. Outcome measurement tools provided usable information and also showed positive changes in some of the four cases. One parameter RAAS (attachment) was especially promising. The treatment manual was evaluated as usable but specification on how to use MBT in musicbased interventions is required in a future manual.
Conclusions: The reserach design was found to be usable for a larger RCT study. Integration of MBT into music therapy seems promissing, but further development of the treatment manual is needed before conduction of a larger RCT study.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/201231/12/2019


  • Musikterapi
  • RCT design
  • personlighedsforstyrrelse
  • Pilotprojekt