Themes include:
Rights to science and culture, current needs and challenges, migration, freedom, democracy, globalized communities, security.

Scholars, writers and artists are globally being threatened or persecuted in their countries of origin. They live in uncertain spheres fleeing from war, homogenizing nationalism, torture, imprisonment, 'disappearance' or ideological re-education.
The project has an anthropological and sociological approach to studying small places in order to discuss larger societal issues. By focusing on informants in host countries, ethnographic fieldwork is used by means of interviews, observation and document analysis.
The individuals in the research are not characterized by level or field of education but as individuals creating culture, art or research in the social debate.
The project is in line with the UN's global goal for everyone to have access to legal rights and responsible and inclusive institutions. In addition, UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes the right to communicate own opinions and freedom of expression, including the right to participate in cultural life and scientific development.
Effektiv start/slut dato21/12/201820/08/2021


  • Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University, Denmark.: kr 50.000,00


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