Acoustic chemometrics - industrial implementation and applications

  • Esbensen, Kim (Projektdeltager)



ACACSRG's precursor research group (until medio 2001 affiliated with HIT/TF, Porsgrunn) developed a new, comprehensive technology for acoustic chemometrics. This project has been ongoing since 1995. The basic concepts, implementations, and extensive laboratory testing and verifications as well as initial industrial tests (12 M.Sc. theses, 1 PhD) have all been successfully concluded. 2001-2003 saw a continuation of a major industrial implementation at HAS (Norsk Hydro, Sluiskil, Holland), dealing with on-line characterisation of fluid-bed processes and products. (Kim H. Esbensen, Lars Petersen; Maths Halstensen, Tel-Tek Porsgrunn)
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/199531/12/2003