Advanced Real-Time Systems - ARTIST



This project is a preparation project for a Network of Excellence under the 6th Framework. The project consortium consist of leading European research groups in the area of Embedded and Real-Time Systems. The objective of the project is to coordinate the R&D effort in the area of Advanced Real-time Systems so as to 1) improve awareness of academics and industry in the area, especially about existing innovative results and technologies, standards and regulations, and 2) define innovative and relevant work directions, identify obstacles to scientific and technological progress and propose adequate strategies for circumventing them. The project consist of the following three main actions: Hard Real-Time Systems, Component-based Design and Development, and Adaptive Real-Time Systems for Quality of Service. Start Date: April 1, 2002 (duration 3 years) AAU Budget: 149.000 Euro Contract number: IST-2001-34820 URL:
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