AFRAME: A Framework for Fleet and Area Based Fisheries Management



The chief objective of AFRAME is to develop a framework for fleet and area-based fisheries management. The project has three research themes: 1, the development and testing of a framework for describing fleet activity in terms of the fisheries in which the fleet participates, and how it allocates its effort across these fisheries; 2, the development of indicator approaches to summarising information and presenting advice in relation to multi-fleet, multi-species fisheries; and 3, stakeholder perceptions and institutional implications of a shift to fleet and area based management. These themes will be developed through application in three contrasting case study areas: 1, the demersal fisheries of the North Sea, which represent a relatively data-rich area with relatively few important commercial species, all of which are assessed routinely; 2, the demersal fisheries of ICES areas VII and VIII (the Channel, Celtic Sea and the Bay of Biscay), which has a relatively high number of target species, not all of which are assessed; and 3, the Mediterranean, which has a high number of target species, with very little stock assessment information.

Coordinator: Azti, Spain

Effektiv start/slut dato01/04/200731/03/2009


  • EU 6th Framework Programme


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