Airport City Futures (AirCiF) explores how Copenhagen Airport can be maintained and develop as an international aeromobilities hub, thereby securing and developing Denmark's international accessibility. This is done through an inquiry that, as the first of its kind will analyse management, planning and design factors of aeromobilities, and combine this with analyses of the user perspective; how aeromobilities are experienced by the passengers. AirCiF will be the first major Danish research project exploring air travel, airports and Airport Cities from the integrative and interdisciplinary socio-technical field of aeromobilities research.
The overall output of AirCiF is an aeromobilities decision support model, which is an evidence and research based platform for decision makers across sectors and disciplines, whose responsibility is to strengthen Denmark's international accessibility. further, AirCiF will establish a Danish Aviation Academy that will ensure future research into aviation and aeromobilities development in Denmark.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/201701/03/2021


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