AMT (Angle Measure Technique) - technological applications

  • Esbensen, Kim (Projektdeltager)



AMT is a new data analytic domain transform (from a spatial, or time, domain to the new hierarchical scale-domain), which by us is most often applied to unfolded technical imagery, used for isotropic texture and surface characterisation a.o. The resulting AMT spectra contain a wealth of embedded surface morphology, materials texture or quantitative mixture-characterisation information, which is typically revealed in a subsequent chemometric step (multivariate calibration). This project has been ongoing since 1997. The basic AMT concepts, software implementations as well as laboratory testing and verifications have been successfully concluded (3 M.Sc. theses, 1 PhD thesis). 2001-2003 saw new technological and industrial proto-type studies and applications, including survey discussions with a Swedish process industry (Höganäs AB), initial implementation in a Danish pharmaceutical company (NOVOZYMES), and full implementation at a Scandinavian dairy sector R&D establishment (ARLA-FOODS), for use in quantitative yoghurt storage life predictions. (Kim H. Esbensen, Huang Jun, Lars Petersen, Casper K. Dahl; Peter Paasch Mortensen, Novozymes)
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/199701/01/2006