An investigation of the light/sound modal shift effect in psychiatric disorders compared to normal persons

  • Nielsen, Aage (Projektdeltager)



The aim of the project is to investigate the possibility of using reaction time patterns as indicator for psychiatric disorders. The participants in the experiments are exposed to randomly generated lights and sounds at which they are asked to react. The reaction times are studied with special attention to reaction times on a stimulus where the previous was of the other modality, light after sound or visa versa. ( The modal shift effect.) From earlier studies it is known that there is a connection between patterns of reaction times and schizophrenia. The main purpose of the project is to further investigate this connection and possible connections to other psychiatric disorders. The project involves both children and adults. Cooperation with Peter Krag and Tove Klausen, Aaborg Psychiatric Hospital.
Effektiv start/slut dato19/05/201031/12/2012


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