Analysis and Visualization for Energy Savings



Industrial production and process sites very often lack the energy-usage data, and by extension actionable data insight, that forms the basis for realizing energy savings. Industries see acquiring data as too costly weighed against an uncertain return on investment. Industries thereby neglect a significant opportunity to reduce costs, and society as a whole misses out on a huge opportunity for energy savings.
The AVES project solves this problem by focusing on optimizing operations (i.e., energy efficiency) rather than only on energy savings. The AVES project will develop a standardized market offering of a retrofitted sensor kit with supporting software that will give businesses actionable insights, including where machine-line operating schedules should be altered to save energy as well as through predictive maintenance, where faulty machines correlate with energy waste. The ultimate goal is to optimize energy consumption per unit produced.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/12/201931/07/2022


  • CLEAN Cluster: kr 1.997.444,00
  • Seluxit: kr 1.875.330,00
  • Systemize ApS: kr 231.289,00


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