ANUBIS-WP7. Ambulant user interface for chronic disease management.



This project is initiated as sub-project to the FP6 special targeted research project Ambient Networked User-centric Biomedical Information Structure [ANUBIS]. The sub-project aims at developing a scaleable user interface for people suffering from chronic diseases. This interface will be able to communicate with (scalable) terminals (e.g. mobile phones, PDA’s, PC’s, and Virtual reality facilities) and will in the project be tested specific on the ANUBIS data-platform that is used to retrieve and store relevant information. Emphasis will be put on scalability and “fall-back procedures” with information under- and overflow, so the user can be confident in the information displayed. The interface has a technical and a conceptual element. The technical element is “pure ICTdevelopment”, the conceptual element is aiming at injecting new possibilities into the user interface of ICT-terminals especially for “telling health related stories and knowledge” to the end-user. The computer are in it’s present form, appearances, and interfaces very much suited for office and finance work, but less suited for supporting human behavioural related activities included decisions in a social and well-being of human’s framework.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/200501/05/2008


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    • Learning from Chess: - Experience Design on a Scalable Trans-Medial Game Interface

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