Application of Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) to the Development of a Strategic Manufacturing Vision



    In comparison with its more familiar counterparts ? manufacturing and corporate strategies ? a newer concept, dubbed ?manufacturing vision?, is both more concrete and more inclusive. Such a vision is an encapsulation of what a company wants to do and how it means to do it, and its very design entails that participants from all levels of the organization be involved on nearly equal footing. More specifically, a manufacturing vision acts as a bridge linking a company?s corporate strategy to each detail in its production system. Certain phases are inherent in the development and implementation of a manufacturing vision, and this research project seeks to integrate these phases with Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) theory. Subsequently, the researcher will develop and experiment with a case-based model designed to support the decision-making process involved in reaching a manufacturing vision. Describing every aspect of this complicated concept lies outside the scope of this dissertation. Instead, the researcher?s goal is to elaborate a definitive prototype case-based model featuring cases illuminating certain aspects of a manufacturing vision. These cases will be extracted from literature detailing ?best practice? and from data deriving from up-to-the moment studies touching upon manafacturing visions. This model will then be put through its paces in work at CIP?s Experimental Laboratory for Production (ELP). CIP project group: Chengbo Wang (Ph.D. researcher) and Professor John Johansen (primary advisor) Additional contributor: Jim Luxhøj ? Rutgers University, USA Project duration: spring 2002 ? spring 2005
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