Approximate Reasoning for Stochastic Markovian Systems



This project proposes to investigate the logical foundations of the metric behavioural theory for stochastic (Markovian) systems. The intention is to reconsider this research from the perspective of the Stone duality that the applicants recently discovered for Markov processes (MPs). The duality reveals new insights regarding the relation between MPs and modal logics, and opens
promising perspectives for solving longstanding fundamental open problems in modelling and simulation of complex systems. The overall goal is the development of an approximation theory for stochastic systems and applying it to the analysis of cyber-physical systems. The proposed research is multidisciplinary, combining knowledge from logics, model theory, Markov
processes, stochastic modelling, topology and metric spaces. If realized, it will impact several fields in Computer Science, Mathematics and Engineering.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/11/201531/10/2019


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