Architecture & Transitions: an enactive and electrophysiological approach to action-perception and transitions



This project aim to investigate how the unfolding of environment impacts behaviour and experience. Transitions in architecture are known transhistorical elements, utilized to constrain view and movement in space, and further in continuation of experiential narratives. With the recent developments in cognitive neuroscience and philosophy, an embodied and enactive account of cognition and perception emphasizes the priority of action and action potentials, shedding new light upon the influence of transitions on human experience. The debate regarding whether perceptual processes, on a neural level, responds to action potentials remains at dispute. How does passage in architectural transitions have an impact on the body and brain, thus experience? When reintroducing time back to space, cognition is best explained as a dynamic system, interlinking brain, body and environment from which cognition emerges. In this regard, action is naturally linked to perception, which enactivism and free energy principle anticipates.
Kort titelArchitecture & Transitions
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/201701/03/2020