ASPIRE: Advanced Sensors and lightweight Programmable middleware for Innovative Rfid Enterprise applications

  • Prasad, Neeli R. (Projektkoordinator)
  • Mihovska, Albena D. (Andet)
  • David, Mathieu (Projektdeltager)
  • Cetin, Bilge Kartal (Projektdeltager)
  • Anggorojati, Bayu (Projektdeltager)
  • Eriksen, Anne Bisgaard Pors (Andet)
  • Cetin, Kamil (Projektdeltager)
  • Galiotto, Carlo (Projektdeltager)



ASPIRE Project (Advanced Sensors and lightweight Programmable middleware for Innovative Rfid Enterprise applications) will change the current RFID deployment paradigm, through introducing and boosting a shift towards royalty-free RFID middleware, while also placing the middleware at the heart of RFID infrastructures. In this paradigm a great deal of an RFID's solution intelligence is place on the middleware, which is freely offered to end-users (particularly SMEs). Accordingly, the RFID middleware can integrate with low-cost hardware, as well as with legacy IT and networking infrastructures of the networked enterprise. To support this paradigm ASPIRE will develop and deliver a lightweight, royalty-free, programmable, privacy friendly, standards-compliant, scalable, integrated and intelligent middleware platform that will facilitate low-cost development and deployment of innovative fully automatic RFID solutions. The above attributes of this middleware platform can be analyzed as follows:

  • Lightweight
  • Programmable
  • Intelligent
  • Standards-Compliant
  • Scalable
  • Privacy-Friendly
  • Integrated

ASPIRE will research and provide a radical change in the current RFID deployment paradigm through innovative, programmable, royalty-free, lighweight and privacy friendly middleware. This new middleware paradigm will be particular beneficial to European SME, which are nowadays experiencing significant cost-barriers to RFID deployment.

Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200815/04/2011


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