Automatic Acquisition of Visual Landmarks / Automatisk indlæring af visuelle landemærker



    A mobile robot can autonomously navigate through for example a production facility by using a video camera to monitor known visual landmarks in the environment. Landmarks can be light switches, posters, door signs, etc. An especially flexible system is achieved if the robot can automatically acquire (learn) such landmarks for future navigation use. This project develops techniques for automatic learning of visual landmarks by acquiring images of the environment and extracting positions and appearances of landmark candidates. These candidates are then stored in the robot's memory for subsequent use in controlling robot movements. CVMT has special focus on analysis of how accurately this navigation method can perform, in order to optimise the use of the available landmarks. In 2003 this effort resulted in a Ph.D. degree being awarded to Salvatore Livatino. Project under VIRGO, (EU, TMR). (Claus B. Madsen; Salvatore Livatino)
    Effektiv start/slut dato31/12/200431/12/2004