Bæredygtig erhvervsudvikling i Grønland - infrastruktur og ødrift



The challenges of accelerating a sustainable livelihood and businesses Greenland are considerable. The development needs to address the contextual conditions such as the extreme and changing climate conditions, the diverse settlements in the huge and disparate geography and the on-going encounter between indigenous and modern cultures.
In this project, we focus on the island operation as a special feature of many small artic settlements where geography, topology and climate makes it difficult or impossible to commute be-tween the settlements on a daily basis and demands that all settlements are dependent of local so-cietal infrastructure systems. This off cause creates huge challenges to supply services to citizens and business activities in the dispersed settlements.
Therefore, to contribute to the understanding of sustainable development in the Arctic, the project analyses the interaction between business development, settlement patterns and societal infrastructures. Based on a socio-technical approach, we analyses the path dependency of infra-tructures originated in the colonial times to support certain cultural living standards and business profiles. Based on in depth case studies of a series of the districts such as Upernavik, Qaanaaq and Qeqertarsuaq contemporary needs and potentials for transitioning the infrastructure systems are explored in order to support a diversified livelihood combining fishery and tourism as well as exploitation of mineral and other local resources.


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