• Brooks, Anthony Lewis (Projektdeltager)
  • Otero, Nuno (Projektdeltager)
  • Navarro, Raquel (Projektdeltager)
  • Rogers, Yvonne (Projektdeltager)



The project will propose a framework for the design, development and use of interactive technologies to support and foster non-formal adaptive learning for engagement and play. In terms of target groups, the project not only aims to aid and facilitate activities by people with physical and cognitive impairments in the context of on-going therapies (initial target group), but also to promote interactions between these patients and members of their families Furthermore, we also intend to provide the mechanisms to enable the formation of communities and encourage the sharing of experiences and outcomes of the system supported activities.

In practical terms, the research activities covered in this project will involve proof-of-concept implementation and testing of an interactive learning/playing environment involving various modalities of interaction (e.g. auditory, visual) and embodiments (for example, the use of robots and/or virtual agents). The learning/play activities to be considered involve the exploration of the interplay between the development of sensory motor skills, opportunities for creation, communication and expression using technology as a mediator.

In relation to the technological achievements our goals are:

a)       to explore the design of space of some computational artifacts in order to support the therapeutic activities envisioned along the lines proposed by the Aesthetic Resonance conceptual framework (and considering the need to facilitate the transitions between activities with therapists and family based);

b)       to create a complete framework that enables non expert people (and in this particular case therapists and families) to create and adapt ensembles of devices to support the learning/playing activities. However, two concrete requirements are already set up: the solutions found have to be affordable to families and therapists, the systems developed within the time-frame of the project will be “left be behind” in order to create the seeds for appropriation and wider acceptance.

The broader vision the research objective is contributing to includes realisation of an explorative platform where outcomes of the users' experiences and intervention strategies will contribute to the construction of repositories and the creation of communities of users. These will be realised as an information space made accessible via the internet. This vision will make available data for others to utilise – not to replicate and validate as each user in this complex user community has an idiosyncratic profile, but upon which to establish an initial calibration set-up design.





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