Benchmarking in Danish Industry (network project)



    This network project represents the first stage in a three-stage process leading to the launch of an ICT-supported benchmarking tool. The overall goal of the initial period is to develop a paper-based version of the benchmarking tool. Research in this first stage is limited to product development and production areas in discrete manufacturing and processing industries. At a later stage, however, the project intends to address the full spectrum of industries and functions within these organizations. In the forthcoming third phase, this project will be expanded to involve industrial companies from across Europe, and preparations will be made for the commercialization of the supporting technology and organization. The first stage ¡V estimated running time two years ¡V is nearly half completed. A questionnaire has been developed for benchmarking product development as well as production and operational practices. This four-part questionnaire, which is designed to cover the entire value-adding chain, addresses the following: - Supply chain management practices, including such areas as daily operations, learning and improvement, implementation of new practices. - The ability to create results with respect to the aforementioned areas. - Influential factors; i.e., factors that may influence the choice and/or the effectivity of production practices. CIP project group: Professor Harry Boer (project manager), Associate Professor Frank Gertsen Partners: Aalborg University, Copenhagen Business School, Technical University of Denmark, University of Southern Denmark Confederation of Danish Industries (DI) and Danish Technological Institute (DTI) Trinity College Dublin and Ohio State University Project duration: 2001-2003
    Effektiv start/slut dato31/12/200331/12/2003