Between the representation of the crisis and the crisis of representation



Sixteen Universities and Research Centres, covering 13 European countries, are working together to investigate what kind of social identity change is occurring in Europe in time of crisis. The three-year project started in May 2015. It is aimed at analyzing cultures of European societies and the impacts of the socio-economic crisis on them, in order to frame better policies at local, national and European level. To this end, civil society, policy-makers and experts of social sciences will be involved in the Re.Cri.Re. actions.
Kort titelRe.Cri.Re
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Using political symbols to study semantic inconsistency in scene viewing

Nikita Kharlamov (Oplægsholder), , Hema Mustafa Schmidt (Oplægsholder), & Aleksandra Kaszowska (Oplægsholder)


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The embodiment of cultural meanings. Symbolic universes as forms of life

Salvatore, S., Rochira, A. & Kharlamov, N., 2019, Symbolic universes in time of (post)crisis: The future of European societies. Salvatore, S., Fini, V., Mannarini, T., Valsiner, J. & Veltri, G. A. (red.). Cham, Switzerland: Springer, s. 235-253 19 s. (Culture in policy making: The symbolic universes of social action, Bind 1).

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  • Symbolic universes between present and future of Europe: First results of the map of European societies’ cultural milieu

    Bidragets oversatte titel: Symboliske universer imellem Europas nutid og fremtid: De første resultater fra kortet over det europæiske samfundenes kulturmiljøSalvatore, S., Fini, V., Mannarini, T., Veltri, G. A., Avdi, E., Battaglia, F., Castro-Tejerina, J., Ciavolino, E., Cremaschi, M., Kadianaki, I., Kharlamov, N., Krasteva, A., Kullasepp, K., Matsopoulos, A., Meschiari, C., Mossi, P., Psinas, P., Redd, R., Rochira, A., Santarpia, A. & 4 flere, Sammut, G., Valsiner, J., Valmorbida, A. & Re.Cri.Re. Consortium, 1 jan. 2018, I : P L o S One. 13, 1, s. e0189885 33 s., e0189885.

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