BIM-based Automation of Sustainability Assessment of Building Design



This project investigates how sustainability assessment can be automated using Building Information Model Checking (BMC) technologies.
Sustainability assessment of buildings during design is a complex and resource demanding process. Many designers are unable to form the design through design decisions for optimization or to assess the design effectively according to the specifications of sustainability assessment methods. Current processes are flawed and inefficient. Few tools are being utilized to automate the related tasks, and much of the work is handled manually.
In this research, we investigate how designers are constrained in their work of optimizing and assessing the design according to sustainability assessment methods to set requirements for further development. These insights are being used to improve the use of the BMC technology to automate the assessment improving both speed and consistency of the assessments.
The use of BMC technology to automate sustainability assessment requires three areas to be covered: First, a translation of natural language assessment rules to computer executable rules. Secondly, specifying which entities and properties to be represented in BIM-models for integration in an environment that allows computers to execute the rules. Thirdly, development and use of BMC rule execution tools to automate the rule based assessment and display results during the design process.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/201431/10/2017


  • University College of Northern Denmark


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