Bioteknologisk Institut, Kolding (BI)



BI, Kolding is one (of two) co-sponsors of ACACSRG's R&D professorship for the period 2001-2004). Extensive collaboration is a given, much of which is of proprietary nature within the context of BI's role as a technological service institute within applied biotechnological research and consulting. Collaborations include issues in advanced chemometrics, acoustic chemometrics, and sampling as well as direct project participations. BI and ACACSRG offer a comprehensive 3-day introductory chemometric course: "Industrial-technological chemometrics" yearly, as well as follow-up courses on ongoing topics. Also, there are preparations for major inter-institutional "Centre contract" applications. (Kim H. Esbensen, Ejner Paaske-Jensen, Joan Grønkær Pedersen, Dan Anov, Pia Jørgensen)
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