Blended Learning for Teacher Educators in Asia and Europe



The purpose of the BLTeae project is to support teacher educators’ professional development through Blended Learning based on innovative constructivist theories. The Blended Learning courseware that will be developed aims to support a collaborative learning community made up of teacher educators in four European (France, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia) and four Asian countries – (Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan). Members of this community will reflect on teaching training practices with the support of ePortfolios and video.

The direct aim is to improve teacher educators’ skills, with a direct and indirect impact on the quality of teacher training provided. Membership of the BLTeae collaborative learning community will enable teacher educators to better prepare future teachers for their work in the classroom. Despite the different situations prevailing in the Asian countries involved, they each recognise the need for improvement in teacher education, particularly where this relates to innovative strategies and practices involving an increased use of technology.

The main actions to be undertaken in BLTeae are to define the technological and pedagogical needs of the partners involved; to design Blended Learning courseware with online and face-to face training; to build and animate the collaborative and reflective learning community through the use of ePortfolio, video and online discussion; to share innovative scenarios about teaching practices; to work on a curriculum design for teacher training and to pilot the implementation of draft curriculum and the introduction of innovative practices.
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    Pär-Ola Zander (Foredragsholder)

    22 jan. 201825 jan. 2018

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