Bling - Blockchain in Governement



BLockchain IN Government (BLING) builds upon the substantial investments by the EU, national governments, corporations, SMEs and wider networks to provide one of the first dedicated platforms to bring these tools and approaches into local and regional services. BLING provides aunique combination of public authorities, knowledge institutions and SMEs who will work to develop and deploy blockchain-enabled public services focusing on Identity, Direct Democracy, and Customer Services. BLING isn't a tech project: it will use and explore/enable/deliver approach to accelerate the adoption and deployment of blockchain across the NSR in order to enable the creation and delivery of the next generation of smart services for citizens, governments and SMEs.


BLING will provide with the knowledge, the networks and the experiences to deliver blockchain-enabled services and to deploy innovative new services that leverage this technology. AAU role is to explore through the two pilots how blockchain technologies can be used to increase the quality of services provided from Government to Businesses (G2B) around freight transport in and around ports and cities.
Kort titelBling
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/201901/07/2023


  • Municipality of Groningen (Netherlands) (leder)


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