”The overall purpose of the collaborative programme is to support Gulu University in its efforts to strengthen research capacityat PhD level and research-based education,with a special emphasis on research ‘for community transformation’. In addressing the broad overall purpose, three thematic areas are in focus: i) Stability, democracy and rights; ii) Quality, equity and innovation in education; and iii) Culture, education and development. Gulu University is located in a region recovering from more than 20 years of war and encampment, and has a commitment to outreach and community engagement. However, very few faculty members hold PhD degrees, the training of PhDs is in its infancy, and there is a general shortage of resources. The project has two objectives: A) Strengthening research and PhD education; B) Strengthening services and facilities that support research. The Danish partners include researchers from seven departments at five Danish Universities: Anthropology (University of Copenhagen); Culture and Society (Aarhus University); Law (University of Southern Denmark); Society and Globalisation (Roskilde University); and Culture and Global Studies, Communication and Psychology, Education, Learning and Philosophy (Aalborg University).”
Kort titelBSU II
Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/201430/06/2017


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