CAMMP - Converged Advanced Mobile Media Platforms



CAMMP is a mobile media platform which researches in the convergence between
the Internet, digital TV and radio, and 3G mobile technologies.  CAMMP will
investigate and uncover the potential in the new converged infrastructure
and will define new business models and new value chains for next generation
mobile services. The new platform has focus on technological innovation in
the industry and on strengthening of research and education.

The vision of the project is to; build a proof of concept service
infrastructure on top of the converging technologies; identify and evaluate
new types of personal mobile services that combines traditional push
broadcast with user generated audiovisual content and shared immersive
experience and;  demonstrate viable business models for delivery of next
generation rich media to mobile users not only on the move but also in the
home. We wish to create firm conditions for a Danish value complex in an
international, standardized environment based on the unique
university-industry competence cluster.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/200831/05/2012


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  • convergence
  • platform
  • internet
  • digital broadcast
  • mobile
  • media
  • context-aware
  • personalization
  • content
  • interaction
  • scalable
  • business models
  • standadization
  • interoperability issues
  • regulatory drivers
  • usability
  • user studies
  • user requirements
  • user profiles


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