Centre for Acoustic Signal Processing Research



CASPR is a newly founded centre with focus on conducting research related to advanced statistical signal processing solutions for assistive listening devices.

The scientific scope of CASPR is within statistical signal processing, machine learning, information and communication theory with applications to wireless exchange of information between listening devices and other external devices, pattern recognition and data mining in body worn sensor data, and perception-based statistical signal processing.

CASPR will navigate in a rapidly changing technological landscape: we envision a near future, where the technological landscape allows very different, and better, hearing assistive devices than are known today. Specifically, we envision that near-future hearing assistive devices will:

increase the wireless exchange of information with each other, with other body-worn devices and with devices outside the body.
make use of additional microphones on or outside the body, and will employ other types of body-worn or outside-the-body sensors.
work in a much closer symbiosis with the user.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/11/2016 → …


  • Oticon Danmark AS (Projektpartner)


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