Centre for Contemporary India Research and Studies



    Centre for Contemporary India Research and Studies:

    * is an innovative and interdisciplinary centre of excellence at the Institute of International Relations University of Warsaw (in cooperation with the Faculty of Management, Faculty of Oriental Studies and centre for Europe) based on collaboration with United Nations Development Programme, University of Hyderabad, Jawaharlal Nehru University and other 14 European and over 8 Indian universities and highly specialized institutes.

    * consists of the European partners which are drawn from 10 different countries across Europe, including recent 3 EU members and a country which is interested in closer relations with EU (Ukraine). The 10 Indian partners (two partners and 8 associate partners) are evenly distributed in such a way that they are spread across India, covering north, centre, east and south of the country

    * is enhancing knowledge about contemporary India in the EU, particularly in the economic, political, development, social and cultural dimension.

    * strives to strengthen mutual relations and gradually develop a closer partnership between EU and India, based on common values, interests and responsibilities

    * provides outstanding, interdisciplinary and highly specialized education, designed for excellent students. It will ensure active and professional participation of governments and private institutions from India and EU. The Centre will promote advanced education (by preparing MA and in the future new and innovative curricula for PhD studies) and interdisciplinary methods in research and studies regarding contemporary India

    * is a platform of cooperation between European and Indian scholars, business elites, entrepreneurs, NGOs, public administration, media

    * is the project funded by the EU aimed at strengthening knowledge about contemporary India business and politics
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